Jacqueline Shave on programming At Lunch Two - Britten Sinfonia

Jacqueline Shave on programming At Lunch Two

In January Britten Sinfonia will give the world premiere performances of Leo Chadburn’s new work in lunchtime concerts in Cambridge, London and Norwich. At Lunch, our award-winning chamber music series pairs newly commissioned works with traditional chamber repertoire.

Jacqueline Shave

Jacqueline Shave (c) Thomas Skovsende

In At Lunch Two, we will hear Leo Chadburn’s new work for piano trio and electronics paired with music by Biber, Mozart as well as 20thcentury greats, Philip Glass and Arvo Pärt – music selected by Britten Sinfonia’s Leader, Jacqueline Shave. We caught up with Jacqueline who told us a bit more about programming the concert and why she chose the music she did:

I’m so excited about this programme coming up after New Year.

I chose the Biber sonata as it was written around the same time as my violin was made and it just feels interesting to be playing the contemporary music of the time my Amati was made…it’s such a fresh piece…the music jumps off the page and it sounds like an improvisation in many ways.

Alongside it is Arvo Pärt’s Spiegel im Spiegel which is so meditative and gives the listener a lovely feeling of space across the centuries and perhaps a sense of being present now with what has gone before.

I was invited to be a judge at the British Composer Awards in 2016 and was so impressed with Leo Chadburn’s piece Freezywater. It had such a haunting quality and was so engaging I just wanted to hear it again and again, so it was therefore a pleasure to invite him to write a new piece for this concert. I heard Caroline Dearnley (Britten Sinfonia’s Principal Cello) play Orbit when we were playing in China a couple of years ago and it fits beautifully in to this programme. The Mozart is just a joy to play.

Hear this programme during At Lunch Two in Cambridge (23 January), London (24 January) and Norwich (26 January).

You can also support Leo Chadburn’s new work via our Musically Gifted campaign.

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