Opus 1: Getting to know... Rachael Gibson - Britten Sinfonia

Opus 1: Getting to know… Rachael Gibson

Meet Rachael Gibson, a composer who has recently completed an MMus in Creative Practice at Goldsmiths.

What are you looking forward to about being part of Opus 1?
I’m really looking forward to writing some music for acoustic instruments after some time writing a lot of pieces featuring electronic sound. I’m also really looking forward to meeting other composers and the performers of Britten Sinfonia!


Who has been your biggest musical influence so far?
My Dad. I grew up listening to a lot of the artists my dad liked including Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd and Billy Joel. He was very encouraging of me learning to play guitar and having band practices at our home as a teenager


What inspires you to compose?
The process! I really enjoy the challenge of figuring out what I’m going to write, experimenting with sounds and working alongside performers to see what different things are possible and work well. I learn so much from the process of writing and reflecting on past pieces when working on new projects.


Why do you think creating new music is important?
I think creating new music, as well as creating spaces for artists, listening to and buying new music (particularly by emerging and independent artists) is so important for different genres to evolve, become more inclusive and to challenge assumptions and create conversations about what music is and what music can be.


What is the hardest thing about being a composer?
Now I’m not in education, I think the hardest thing is managing the balance between being creative and writing music vs. working part time in something which isn’t totally music related.


What’s your biggest compositional ambition?
I would love to write the soundtrack for a feature film!


What is the best snack?
You can’t go wrong with a bit of Yorkshire tea and a wedge of cake

Rachael Gibson

Find out more about Rachael’s work here www.rgibsonmusic.co.uk

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