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Opus 1: Getting to know… Greg May

Meet Greg May, a composer, serial improvisor and crisp fanatic from Bedfordshire. Find out more about him here:


  • What are you looking forward to about being part of Opus 1?

Working with fabulous musicians and meeting like-minded composers. I hope this will be a rich learning experience, picking up knowledge from the tutors, musicians, and other composers on the scheme.


  • What inspires you to compose?

It’s like an itch that I can’t quite get rid of! I always enjoy writing for specific people too, and often feel inspired to write after hearing music that I love.


  • What sort of music do you like to write?

Difficult question! I often like to write very ornate and lyrical melodic lines, with harmony that (to my ears) is very soft-edged, with lots of whole-tones in it. I’m always keen to create the clearest textures I can, so that you can always hear everything that’s going on.


  • How did you get into composition?

I would spend time improvising (instead of practising) at the piano when I was younger, and I would always try to write these improvisations down. In many ways this is what I’m still doing!


  • Why do you think creating new music is important?

I feel that any kind of creativity is important, even if only for the creator themselves. If the music communicates to listeners and performers then that’s even better.

  • What’s your biggest compositional ambition?

To write something that communicates strongly to somebody, whether that be a listener or a performer.


  • What 3 pieces of music would you have to have on your desert island?

Messiaen – Éclairs sur l’au-delà…

Lorde – Pure Heroine (if I’m allowed a whole album!)

Tchaikovsky – Symphony 5 (mainly for the 1st movement)

… I change my mind daily about this kind of thing, so tomorrow’s list might be totally different!


  • What is the best snack?

Crisps (absolutely any kind and flavour)


You can discover more about Greg’s work on his website.

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