Alice Through the Looking Glass (Key Stage 1 Tour) - Britten Sinfonia

Alice Through the Looking Glass (Key Stage 1 Tour)

17 May 2018

Repertoire includes excerpts from:


Mother Goose Suite

John Cage

Living Room Music


Romanian Folk Dances

Gerald Barry



Spring Sonata

Villa Lobos

Jet Whistle


Symphony No. 6 ("Pastoral")


Trio and Sonata


Quatre petites pieces Op. 32


Sonata for violin and cello


The Nutcracker

Alice Through The Looking Glass


What’s through the looking glass? Discover an array of colourful characters in Looking Glass Land – from the terrifying Jabberwocky to the dim witted Tweedledee and Tweedledum to the warring White and Red kings, queens and knights. Play a game of musical chess, learn new songs about the jubjub bird and the bandersnatch, compose a magical soundscape and conduct an ensemble of Britten Sinfonia players…or are they lions and unicorns?

Britten Sinfonia presents a newly-commissioned interactive concert to primary schools across the East of England. Woven around Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland sequel, Through the Looking Glass, students will be introduced to some of our favourite orchestral masterpieces, alongside listening games, new songs, and a chance to compose and conduct the players. Presented by Jessie Maryon-Davies and members of the Britten Sinfonia, this concert is aimed at Key Stage 1 students as well as their teachers.