Britten Sinfonia and Jaga Jazzist at Ultima Festival, Oslo - Britten Sinfonia

Britten Sinfonia and Jaga Jazzist at Ultima Festival, Oslo

15 Oct 2012

Jaga Jazzist arr. Lars Horntveth

One Armed Bandit

Lars Horntveth



Britten Sinfonia and Jaga Jazzist come together again as part of the conexions series at Oslo’s Ultima Festival.

Jaga Jazzist is a phenomenon both on the Norwegian music scene and internationally. Their 2001 album, A Livingroom Hush was their definite breakthrough.

‘The men from The Mars Volta rate Jaga their favourite new band, you just might too,’ music magazine Mojo wrote when the record What We Must was released in 2005. Not only the records gain praise: ‘Their live show is like a hurricane making James Last and Max Greger look pale,’ is the opinion of Germany music magazine Into.

Despite its jazzy name, Jaga spans widely in genres and touches drum ‘n’ bass, electronica, post rock and whatever the ten piece band feels like playing and experimenting with.

The Jaga music is quite orchestral and filmic in itself. These elements will be strengthened by Britten Sinfonia, says Lars Horntveth, one of the leaders of the band. He plays wind instruments and guitar in addition to being a songwriter. He is also working on arranging Jaga music from their 2010 release One Armed Bandit for this concert.

This concert is part of the conexions series curated by BBC music presenter Fiona Talkington for Nasjonal Jazzscene Oslo and is held in association with the Ultima Festival Oslo. With support from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, MIC Norway and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in London.

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