Light from the Outside World

Jeff Mills: Light from the Outside World

10 Jun 2017

Jeff Mills (c) Mark Allan


The legendary Techno producer presents his project that blurs the lines between the club and concert hall – re-working music from his back catalogue for symphony orchestra.

Jeff Mills has been pushing the boundaries of Techno ever since he first lit up the Detroit airwaves with his pioneering DJ mixes as ‘The Wizard’; now Light From the Outside World completely does away with the constraints of the genre. Performing alongside the orchestra, Mills’s percussive electronics sit perfectly under layers of strings and brass, drawing out and enhancing the harmonic layers in the originals, new arrangements casting classics like The Bells in a totally new light.

Performed to a rapturous reception at the Barbican in October 2015, this performance expands the original project to include a new composition, Utopia, so completing a full suite that fully realises the boundless vision that’s always been at the heart of Mills’s music.
Part of the Barbican’s Jeff Mills: From Here to There series