DJ, Jeff Mills premieres his score for orchestra and electronics, The Planets

Jeff Mills: Planets

12 Jun 2017

Jeff Mills


Jeff Mills


Inspired by Gustav Holst’s The Planets, DJ and composer Jeff Mills takes you through our solar system in the UK premiere of his score for orchestra and electronics featuring Britten Sinfonia

Like Holst, Mills paints the solar system musically, depicting each planet as well as the distances between them. His mastery of electronics can rouse rooms of people to euphoria; backed here by the dynamics of a full orchestra, he takes on the role of an unconventional soloist, introducing cosmic textures, atmospheres and special effects.

A crucial part of the history of dance music, Mills continues to fill clubs with his DJ sets, but over the past decade he has also sold out concert halls with his works combining live electronics with live orchestras, utilising both to their full potential.

Part of the Barbican’s Jeff Mills: From Here to There series