Max Richter: Vivaldi Recomposed - Britten Sinfonia

Max Richter: Vivaldi Recomposed

31 Oct 2012


The Four Seasons (arr. Max Richter)

Max Richter




Contemporary composer Max Richter re-imagines Vivaldi’s timeless set of Baroque concertos, The Four Seasons, with Britten Sinfonia conducted by André de Ridder, and also performs a special set of music from his most recent album, Infra.

Released in August 2012 as part of Deutsche Grammophon’s Recomposed series – a strand of specially-commissioned albums revisiting classical works for contemporary listeners – Richter’s Four Seasons preserves the elegant beauty of the originals, but subtly modifies them with unexpected cadences and delicate electronic touches.

In addition, the Max Richter Ensemble will perform Infra, an achingly beautiful collection of elegiac piano and string fragments inspired by T S Eliot’s The Wastelad. The album was released in 2011, expanding on a 25-minute score originally commissioned by London’s Royal Ballet.

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