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Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus is Britten Sinfonia’s professional development scheme for three early-career composers, who are embedded in the orchestra’s activity across a season.


“This residency with Britten Sinfonia has been a truly special way of exploring the music that I want to write. Being able to work with top musicians who have open minds and hearts, and being supported along the way by an inquisitive and forward-thinking organisation, has given us music creators true artistic freedom.”

Nathan James Dearden, Composer, Magnum Opus 2022

“Magnum Opus has given me the chance to write a piece I have always wanted to write, which is extremely fulfilling in that it validates my creative ambitions and musical personality. I’m very, very grateful for the opportunity.”

Jonathan Brigg, Composer, Magnum Opus 2022

Being part of the Magnum Opus scheme over the past year has been a great experience. It’s been insightful, challenging and rewarding all in one. I’ve learned a lot from the Britten Sinfonia players and have been very lucky to share the experience with two very lovely, supportive composers which has made the scheme all the more enjoyable.

Aileen Sweeney, Composer, Magnum Opus 2022


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