Meet the Composers 2021 - Opus 1 Composition Scheme - Britten Sinfonia

Meet the Composers 2021

The eight chosen Opus 1 composers have now completed their compositions and these were recorded by members of Britten Sinfonia in September 2021. Before the recordings, they took part in two workshops with a mixed-instrument quartet, guided by composers Dobrinka Tabakova and Joe Cutler and musicians from Britten Sinfonia, which helped to shape their final compositions.

We enjoyed getting to know our Opus 1 composers during the workshop days, and we’re giving you a chance to do the same in our ‘Getting to know…’ series of blogs and our ‘Opus 1 chats’ series of films. Find out more about their musical interests, what inspires them to compose and their favourite snacks by clicking on the boxes below.

Getting to know…

Opus 1 chats

Pia Rose Scattergood and Jamie Elless

Hugo Bell and Darius Paymai

Peter Walton and Elliott Park

Britten Sinfonia Musicians Oli Pashley and Bridget Carey

Programme Directors Joe Cutler and Dobrinka Tabakova