Beethoven Symphony Cycle (No 3) Reviews - Britten Sinfonia

Beethoven Symphony Cycle (No 3) Reviews

Reviews from Beethoven Symphony Cycle (No 3) at the Barbican, 6 June 2017:

The Spectator

"Britten Sinfonia were positively dancing, and their needlepoint precision at some truly astonishing speeds generated an energy that built like static electricity..."

The Arts Desk

"Ad├Ęs clearly has a vision for the "Eroica", based on a strong rhythmic profile for each of the motifs and cleanly defined contrasts between sections."


"This was fine Beethoven from a conductor who certainly knows how to make things sound shocking and new, and the remainder of the cycle in the next two seasons will be well worth hearing."

Classical Source

"This is music that accepts no resistance as it bludgeons you into submission."