Alice's Adventures Under Ground - Britten Sinfonia

Alice’s Adventures Under Ground

Reviews from the European premiere of Gerald Barry’s Alice’s Adventures Under Ground.

The Independent

"It’s music as though refracted through a dream, and with a hefty dose of laughing gas."

Arts Desk

"They play music of blatant speed for flights, runs and train journeys, and pastiches of sundry dances and processionals."

Broadway World

"We're all mad in music, Barry seems to say, and nobody more so than the Britten Sinfonia, who under Thomas Ades's baton gamely hurl themselves into a moto perpetuo of a score"

The Guardian

"The uneasy menace that lurks behind some of Carroll’s writing comes out vividly in the orchestra"

Financial Times

"Some of the wildest acrobatics in this concert performance fell to the Britten Sinfonia instrumentalists, who, under Thomas Adès, relished all of them."

The Times

"dazzlingly played by the Britten Sinfonia impelled by Thomas Adès's impassioned conducting"

Classical Source

"Thomas Adès, who continues to champion Barry’s music and, one imagines, has some sympathy with Barry’s style, encouraged the Britten Sinfonia’s delirious best in some astonishingly rebarbative and brilliant playing."

Sunday Express

"Thomas Adès, himself a leading composer, conducts the superb musicians of the Britten Sinfonia."

The Observer

"The Britten Sinfonia, under Adès’s masterly direction, played with awe-inspiring finesse."