BBC Prom 70: Tango reviews - Britten Sinfonia

BBC Prom 70: Tango reviews

Reviews from Britten Sinfonia’s appearance at the BBC Proms 2018:

Broadway World

"It's a brooding, understated performance that hints at the more dramatic and modern interpretations of tango that are to follow."

Classical Source

"The standout was ‘Satumaa’ because of the accordionist Veli Kujala's jaw-dropping contribution."

Music Omh

"Kujala’s bravura performance with an accordion capable of quarter tones in Mononen’s Satumaa added a thrill of off-key chaos"

Sunday Express

"Joining the band on stage, singers Helena Juntunen and Nahuel di Pierro delivered a smattering of Tango history"

The Times

"Juntunen... was an engaging and unpretentious presence, and even indulged in a mischievous dance with Rundell on the podium."