Beethoven Symphony Cycle (No 9) reviews - Britten Sinfonia

Beethoven Symphony Cycle (No 9) reviews

Reviews from performances of Beethoven Symphony No. 9 and Gerald Barry’s ‘The Eternal Recurrence’ with Thomas Adès.

The Times

"If you wished for music-making joyously uplifting, yet also red in tooth and claw, here it was."


"It was utterly transporting, deeply moving, and brought the audience to their feet – me included."

Classical Source

"Adès’s reading of the ‘Choral’ had a clarity and vitality redolent of Norrington or Hogwood, while at the same time paying the fullest regard to the intense lyricism pervading the work."

Eastern Daily Press

"When you hear a concert like this, there is no rivalry for live music."