Beethoven Symphony Cycle (No's 1 and 2) Reviews - Britten Sinfonia

Beethoven Symphony Cycle (No’s 1 and 2) Reviews

Reviews from the first concert in Britten Sinfonia’s 3-year Beethoven Symphony Cycle with Thomas Adès.


"For the start of the Beethoven cycle proper, we were given the first two symphonies and it was immediately clear that Adès’ approach was unlikely to be stale."

Classical Source

"Mark Stone, a Barry regular, was a terrific narrator, falsettist and crooner, and Adès and the Britten Sinfonia kept Barry’s anarchic, fleeting score on the boil."

The Guardian

"Every bar of each symphony seemed thrillingly restored, honed down to their muscular core."

The Telegraph

"Much of the evening’s success was due to the Britten Sinfonia, a fine and often underpraised ensemble from Cambridge who are celebrating their quarter century."

The Times

"Beethoven’s allegros played this fast, and by players as virtuosic and inwardly cohesive as the Britten Sinfonia can muster, will always be exhilarating."