Benjamin Grosvenor directs - Britten Sinfonia

Benjamin Grosvenor directs

Reviews from our concerts with young pianist Benjamin Grosvenor , which also celebrated Jacqueline Shave’s first ten years as Britten Sinfonia leader

The Times

"Benjamin Grosvenor, one of the most poetic of a new generation of pianists, led a tender and wittily elusive performance of the composer's enigmatic last piano concerto, No.27"

The Guardian

"The lyrical warmth of the result held an immediate appeal while maintaining an essential ambiguity that avoided any suggestion of the facile, demonstrating Langer’s ability to connect spontaneously without sacrificing subtlety."


"Story of an Impossible Love was an appealingly tonal concoction, a sort of Brief Encounter for oboe and violin."

The Telegraph

"It’s a complex piece to play without a conductor, but these players turn this lack to advantage, by listening as hard as they play. The result was a performance of spell-binding intensity."

Thoroughly Good blog

"Haunting melodic lines in the oboe, chilling decorations in the piccolo, and seductive string textures underpinned what was a compelling work."