Brad Mehldau Piano Concerto reviews - Britten Sinfonia

Brad Mehldau Piano Concerto reviews

Reviews from Brad Mehldau’s Piano Concerto with Britten Sinfonia at Barbican Hall:

The Times

"The opening featured delicate harp and piano interplay, a pastoral flute chirruped and the strings of the Britten Sinfonia shimmered."

The Guardian

"This fully fledged concerto, in collaboration with Britten Sinfonia, seems an entirely natural career move."

The Telegraph

"The interplay between the orchestra's nostalgic, beautifully played phrases and Mehldau's supersubtle responses was so engrossing one could forgive the piece's occasional longueurs."

The Financial Times

"In its UK premiere at the Barbican, the American jazz pianist’s piece was greeted with an ecstatic standing ovation."

London Jazz News

"It is a big piece, roughly 35 minutes in length, consists of two long movements, and has extended solo episodes."