Britten Sinfonia with Benjamin Grosvenor reviews - Britten Sinfonia

Britten Sinfonia with Benjamin Grosvenor reviews

Reviews from Britten Sinfonia’s performances with Benjamin Grosvenor in November 2019.

The Times

"Britten Sinfonia's latest concert series had two featured composers, a soloist and a violinist-director who are all under the age of 40. The quality they shared, however, was a breadth of vision. Call it maturity or call it craft, they knew they had something to say without needing to shout about it."

Seen and Heard International

Of the Bach Keyboard Concerto in F minor, BWV 1056: "Exchanges, or to be more accurate, echoes, between piano and orchestra were managed so as to raise a smile, but it was in the profundity of the central Largo that excellence truly shone. This movement seems to bring out the best in its interpreters... but perhaps Grosvenor penetrated even deeper, his projection perfectly, the string balance at the movement close, with its highlighting of the basses plunging the music suddenly into another realm. It was left to the Presto finale to extricate us, and if even in Milton Court there was some loss of detail due to the acoustic, the effect remained life-enhancing."