The Dark Mirror : Zender's Winterreise - Britten Sinfonia

The Dark Mirror : Zender’s Winterreise

Reviews from Netia Jones’ dramatic staging of Zender’s Winterreise starring Ian Bostridge, co-produced by the Barbican and Britten Sinfonia.

Financial Times

"When combined with the accordion-soaked growls of the Britten Sinfonia under Baldur Brönnimann, the effect is rarely less than chilling."

The Observer

"So strong is Schubert’s music, so direct is Müller’s verse and so finely intelligent is Bostridge’s singing that all peril is overcome and art gains."

The Arts Desk

"His reworking goes far beyond mere orchestration, stretching some passages out of shape, denaturing their sounds into hollow wooden and metallic noises, colouring others so richly and specifically that they take on an entirely new character from their originals."

The Telegraph

"Without a hint of kitsch, it doesn’t so much magnify as intensify Schubert’s vision, leaving its basic shape and text unaltered, but adding colours, sonorities, repetitions, pauses and emphases that build an atmosphere of dislocation and alienation"

The Guardian

"At the centre of it, too, is Bostridge’s impeccably coloured performance, his articulation of every morsel of the text utterly lucid, even when, in Zender’s version, it has to be spoken or delivered as Sprechgesang."

The Times

"Bostridge twisted like the ghoulish subject of a George Grosz painting, his face as white as bone, his eyes and voice sour with malice and irony."

The Stage

"...his knowledge of and expertise in this particular piece – on which he published a substantial volume two years ago – is outstanding, and at his best there is no gainsaying the expressive impact of his performance."

The Cusp

"Bostridge’s voice has a mercurial tension perfect for Winterreise and he is able to express the tragedy of its dashed hopes in the colouring of just a single note."