Reviews of Britten Sinfonia's performance of La Passione

Louis Andriessen in Focus One: La Passione

Reviews from our concert featuring Louis Andriessen’s La Passione alongside Steve Martland’s Tiger Dancing and Steve Reich’s The Desert Music at the Barbican.

Financial Times

"Both pieces [Martland and Reich] demand stamina, a delicate balancing act and needle-point precision. Fired up by Clark Rundell’s sensitive conducting, the performers supplied all three."

The Guardian

"...settings of bleak and violently surreal poems by Dino Campana delivered by the compellingly theatrical soprano Cristina Zavalloni, with the more restrained solo violin of Frederieke Saeijs acting as a dark shadow..."

The Times

"The contrasts between wood, gut and metal were beautifully clear and the ten singers of Britten Sinfonia Voices achieved a blend like a heavenly big band, hot as noon and sweet as honey."


"Clark Rundell proved an ideal guide, maintaining strict tempos when required, giving all cues efficiently, and making every tempo change crisp and decisive."

Classical Source

"Most impressive was the partnership between Zavalloni and Saeijs, performing from memory and both at home in their respective roles as poet and demon – adding theatrical gestures for good measures."

OPera Today

"Britten Sinfonia demonstrated unflagging energy as they surged through the hurtling, insistent - at times astringent - lines of Andriessen’s score."