Refugee reviews - Britten Sinfonia

Refugee reviews

Reviews from the UK premiere performance of Mark-Anthony Turnage’s Refugee, performed by tenor Allan Clayton and conducted by Andrew Gourlay in September 2019, in a programme of Tippett, Britten and Knussen.

The Times

"Helping to punch home the points was the robust tenor voice of Allan Clayton, piercingly eloquent as he rode Turnage's vigorous melodic lines, backed by typically busy brass and winds, modest but telling percussion, and, where needed, a soft bed of strings."

The Guardian

"Clayton's voice wrapped around [the songs] like a glove, with perfect weight and range of colour and dynamics, and he returned to end the evening with an equally masterly account of Britten's Nocturne, in which Britten Sinfonia's principals distinguished themselves too."

The Financial Times

"This orchestral song cycle, set to four poems, each with the same theme of displacement, showcases the composer at his most haunting. The Turnage hallmarks are there - the jazz influence, as well as elements of soul and gospel - but they are handled with a veteran's sense of restraint, allowing us to relish the smallest details, and to give each word due weight."