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Surround Sound: Norwich Playlist FAQs

Is this event suitable for children and families?
Yes, absolutely. We always welcome families to our concerts, but we think that this event would be an especially fantastic introduction to classical music for children. We do not expect you to sit still and quietly throughout, but due to social distancing requirements you will need to remain upon your mat/seat. There will be a varied programme of shorter pieces of music, rather than one or two long pieces.

How long will this event last?
One hour.

How many people can sit on the mats?
There are a range of mats available to book depending on the size of your party. We can accommodate up to 6 adults provided you are following government guidelines about households mixing.

Can I lie down on the mat? Can my children move around?
Yes, absolutely, so long as your stay on your mat we don’t mind how you choose to enjoy the Surround Sound experience.

I don’t want to sit on the floor. Will there be chairs available?
There are a number of chairs (single seats and in pairs) available if sitting on the floor just isn’t for you. When you book for this event, make sure to select ‘chairs’ when given the option.

Will I be able to see everything/where is the stage going to be?
This is not like a regular classical concert where the orchestra plays a long piece of music at the front of the venue on a stage and the audience sits quietly in front of the stage. There will be shorter pieces of music – some of which you might recognise – performed on different stages all around the Cathedral. You might be able to see and hear one piece very clearly, and for the next it might be coming from a little further away, but that means you’ll have a unique experience depending on where you sit.

Do I have to turn my phone off?
Not if you don’t want to. If you want to take photos, that’s fine too, but we’d love for you to tag us in them.

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Do I have to wear a mask?
Yes, please bring your own mask with you unless you are exempt from wearing one. Find out more about how we will keep our audience safe here.

Will there be a programme?
Yes, there will be a free sheet with a running order and information about what you can do after this performance to explore more music for yourself.